Protest against the violation of Japan's intervention in the internal affairs of Taiwan, Taiwan's sovereignty

Japanese Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka for "Taiwan's best, follow the Hong Kong by China's reunification" of the speech, has been seriously interfere with Taiwan's internal affairs and violation of sovereignty over Taiwan, the party's Department of the rate of Kaohsiung Party members and supporters in Japan Interchange Association in Kaohsiung office before the a stern protest.

Japanese Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka a recent interview with Japanese media interview, he put forward the future of Taiwan should follow the Hong Kong model, a gradual transfer of sovereignty has been China's reunification speech, the party chairman, said Wen Qi, Tanaka's remarks have exceeded the terms of reference, as Foreign Secretary, to the detriment of the people of Taiwan interests, to interfere in Taiwan's internal affairs, a clear violation of Taiwan's sovereignty, Koizumi's first cabinet members for their words and deeds of misconduct relevant to the people of Taiwan an apology.

Wen-Qi said that Taiwan and China since ancient times has nothing to do, although there are immigrants from China and other countries, immigration and rulers, but 400 years, Taiwan's residents and other ethnic groups and racial integration, Taiwan has just like the formation of Taiwan people, as a system, Japan this research is very much intact, Tanaka clearly a dearth of knowledge in this field, so will the people of Taiwan and China together, which is very fatal ignorance.

Wen-Qi stressed that in the San Francisco peace treaty with Japan, the Japanese to give up sovereignty over Taiwan and the Penghu islands, and some in Japan to give up the Allied forces against the geographical and property have done a deal but did not hand over Taiwan to China, so Taiwan After the war with China that is cutting separation, there is no "uniform" of the problem, but unlike Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hong Kong will be of Tanaka hard it is ignorance of international law, resulting in interference in the internal affairs of the country, violating the sovereignty of other countries, the Koizumi cabinet should apology to the people of Taiwan, Taiwan and Japan so as to avoid hurting the feelings of the two peoples.