News about the Taipei City Government
Taipei City Government should immediately stop the act of damaging the environment

Taiwan Independence Party party headquarters in Taipei for the Taipei City Government is being carried out in Tienmu Huangsi carved cross dike heightening engineering Yian, 21 this month, the Taiwan High Administrative Court to the administrative proceedings to require the Taipei City Government should immediately stop Tienmu Huangsi cross dyke plus High-engineering and Reply Huangsi sides of the trees, the Taiwan High Administrative Court tomorrow (28) 15:00 for the first time trial.

Taiwan Independence Party chairman of the party headquarters in Taipei, said Chen reached, the defendant because of fear of Huangsi the upper reaches of the Taipei City Government's development of the Yangmingshan illegal farming illegally built, caused by seasonal rains came flooding stream Tienmu district, accordingly to Huangsi dike heightening engineering , but the municipal government will Huangsi all sides of trees cut down, following the order had been washed away all of the concrete floor covered with impermeable so that it can not be the catchment, and then shallowsTo Placing concrete caissons on both sides, narrow area had been washed away, and so will not only the purpose of flood control can not be reached, but intrusion of the danger caused by flooding.

Chen reached that the defendant Taipei City Government profit consortium, approved six of the six re-zoning development projects, in the Yangmingshan farming illegally built, leading to downstream Tienmu residents, threatened the city government for six of the six development projects, "ending" to spend large area of public funds to carry out Huangsi dike heightening engineering and caused extensive damage Huangsi the two sides of the natural environment, the total project costs from NT to an additional 290 million yuan more than 400 million yuan, in addition to Figure Litt set makers, the public and private areas of no benefit. Huangsi never see the two sides across the landscape and residents of gurgling water, all the landscapes have been blocked with concrete walls. In order to profit a small number of vendors actually closed down hundreds of thousands of local residents 50 years of Huangsi Tienmu beautiful images, the defendant authority to demonize the people living environment of the original act, in contrary to "protect the rights of the people," the administrative purposes.

Chen reached stressed that the defendant by the Taipei City Government, is a breach of the provisions of the law and damage to the original beauty of the landscape Tienmu Huangsi to deprive residents of both sides acquired the right to subsequently bring an administrative lawsuit according to law to require the defendant to immediately halt the destruction of the natural ecology Huangsi project, and Zhi Zai Reply Huangsi the two sides of the trees.