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Official word has two mouths Jing Guanju how to say can be?

Deputy Secretary for Jingguan Ju Wu Xue-yan said the so-called "mainland professionals to Taiwan for professional activities permit approach rule", the invitation unit does not include political parties concerned, the party's spokesman Huang Yu-Yan Wu Yan note that is not a reason, but the officer two mouths of the habits, how to say casually all the "?" credit, the most important because they are afraid of China, East Turkistan separatists are afraid to come to Taiwan would cause China's displeasure, and the self-handicapping yield.

The party invitation this morning due to the "East Turkestan Information Center," one in charge of overseas Organization spokesman for the independence movement in Xinjiang Dilixiati Abdurixit (Rexiti Dilixiadi) President to visit Taiwan, were refused entry and exit, in particular held a press conference, the party's spokesman Huang Yu-yan and asked the reasons for the refusal throughout the tube.

Huang Yu-yan pointed out that, according to Jing Guanju website published "Taiwan, mainland professionals to engage in professional activities permit approach" provides that if the object is to invite "the mainland culture and education professionals and students", the invitation unit qualification is "to apply to come to Taiwan cultural and educational activities in mainland China-related businesses, professionals and students in the area of the agency (organization), schools or groups, "did not exclude political parties, Wu Yan apparently casually find a reason for a half-hearted to cope with, the party is unacceptable.

Huang Yu-yan said the Independence Party is a political party, is also a group naturally included. Moreover, political parties, in addition to political activities, they can have academic and cultural and educational activities, the party once held many academic conferences and cultural and educational activities. This invitation for our party, Mr. Dilixiati visiting Taiwan, in addition to its own political activities, also provides Chinese scholars with the East Turkestan independence movement in the exchange of leading figures at the same time to provide citizens with knowledge and access to the East Turkestan independence movement-related knowledge.

Huang Yu-yan, said Jing Guanju reason does not hold ground, the most important is to keep Mr. Dilixiati come in, so as not to provoke China, and even more afraid of China to misunderstandings between Taiwan and the East Turkistan separatists have in series, while the destruction of "cross-strait" relationship is based on hides to China, Dilixiati refused entry to meet Beijing. In fact, Taiwan should openly make foreign friends come in, the performance style of democratic countries, this is the biggest difference between Taiwan and China, different places, but also Taiwan's bargaining chips.