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Bian government to violate human rights approach to proclaiming "founded on human rights"?

Between the party in September to invite the "East Turkestan Information Center," one in charge of overseas Organization spokesman for the independence movement in Xinjiang Dilixiati • Abdurixit (Rexiti Dilixiadi) President to visit Taiwan, has recently been refused entry and exit , the party's spokesman Huang Yu-yan for this and suggested that bian government proclaimed that human rights was founded, but the expense of violating human rights, the right's overtures to China to meet Beijing.

Huang Yu-yan said that we do not know where bian government standards, why the Chinese democratic activist Wei Jingsheng were allowed to visit the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan government in exile can come to Taiwan, and even China's pig officials so that they can come to Taiwan to swagger around, why did Di Xia been mentioned Mr. bian's government has denied?

Huang Yu-yan said the Government's refusal to Dilixiati Mr. bian in Taiwan, to Taiwan's international reputation as a result of negative publicity, etc., as the "Taiwan Theory" Kobayashi, author of "blacklisted" as Taiwan in the international community by criticism. Hear Mr. Dilixiati ruling party, after the international recognition of Taiwan's democracy and want to come to Taiwan to observe Taiwan's democratic experience and the development of awareness of human rights in Taiwan, but Taiwan's government suffered a rejection, which is the "Taiwan democracy" and human rights it is rather ironic.

Huang Yu-yan pointed out that to have friends from afar, and does not have great pleasure! Moreover, this friend is heard that Taiwan's democratic progress, and want to understand the experience of Taiwan's democratization, which is a good thing that Taiwan should be proud and happy, but should be welcomed with open arms friends come to visit is, how will be based on to refuse the entry to represent Taiwan's "democracy" and "human rights" mean? Government really has no reason to deny Mr. Dilixiati visit, is it because of Mr. Dilixiati the identity of the Xinjiang independence movement, is the Chinese government evil, would undermine the "cross-strait" relations, so bian Government's refusal to his visit to Taiwan in order to overtures to China to cater to Beijing.

Topaz Yan emphasized that regardless of a government treats its own nationals or foreigners who should not have double standards, we would request that Mr. Dilixiati visiting Taiwan's case, mutatis mutandis, Mr. Wei should be a "visa on arrival" mode processing.