Chairman's Message
- The people of Taiwan stand up and move towards an independent state -

Independence Party five years old, and this can be said for five years as a child learning to walk, like, stumbling walked over, but they said that falls will grow up, fell Zaipaqilai like.

However, when to stand up, always someone wants to Crimping it, do not let it stand since. If such a pulling force from the outside is not difficult to deal with, if it is from within the party, it is most worrying, the so-called "wooden folding is bound to pass the worm-eaten, the walls of the bad is bound to pass gap", in any case have caused great harm to the party. The party's many talents, they can not maximize the effectiveness of the party, why not? Because of the lack of "team spirit", so "see the wind turn the wheel who is a hero" values, the former claimed to be the "Taiwan independence fundamentalists" who will now get up criticism of the "Taiwan independence fundamentalist"; also disheartened Italy cold, do not hear those things; also have confused the direction of a suspected east of suspected West, create internal chaos people. The already fragile nation-building party, can not help but pull within one after another.

Taiwan Independence Party To re-start, we should look back on the road we have taken to review the reasons for our failures, look at our line. An imploding political party is not possible to act, let alone state, "said a chopsticks" story we all know, but they can not do, but the Americans did. Americans are not even imagined a "beautiful Kennedy," the world super-power would be subjected to attacks, but also defeat them be proud of the financial, political center, has always been naive, loose, event-based non-Americans as if awakened from a dream, different Ran to unite, each person according to their ability to counter the work of dedication to defend the country.

Taiwan Independence Party is that we need most now is tied as the hearts of the American people, like gay mutual support and encouragement, solidarity, for the common goal of working hard. Of course, the Independence Party today to this field, we should have with the centripetal force of party members is not easy, but think of it, we can tolerance for others, why can not be used for their comrades to be so much? It really true that "other people than his brother, the pro-" do? So, why not put the unpleasant past, or a personal grudge thrown aside, we have been to the new, from the "heart" to start.

Independence Party's existence and development, will not allow Taiwan to immediately state? Is not, or will enable the community of all things injustice disappears, no. But at least the founding of the party comrades have taken the first step. But the first step why Independence Party, Comrade? Because a sense of mission, because Taiwan's society, because those who quietly support Taiwan Independence in Taiwan.

Taiwan's society is very strange, always distinguish between right and wrong, and then Montreal, are all right and wrong. Through external power system in the past, and also stop the rulers who have lost the "right", "profit" and the leadership, came out against their former respective political parties - the KMT, even overnight can become Taiwan's hope, Taiwan heroes is not it strange? Even more ironically, there is the so-called "independence" to support them, they deny that they are clamoring for independence, when I do not know "independence" Zuojian themselves, or are they an insult to "independence"? People say, "people will be cheap from the cheap and then people's", "people who will be humiliated and then Zi Wu's" really is the truth!

Perhaps the "independence" are not so conscious, so they, in turn, for the "ROC" interpretation of the past, it is the KMT's ignorant masses, but now a "consensus", how surprising! Only a short period of five or six years, put "mother's name" to forget, no wonder that "a birds whooping Jojo" from the "Republic of Taiwan" whooping up to now still whooping stop. Forget the mother, it does not matter, you can be reminded:

Mother is a mountain river mother is a mother is the sea

Mother's name Taiwan

Mother is the conscience of the mother is just

Your mother is tantamount to the spring

20 million of the Potato mother's name is called and the child did not dare

Taiwan is a chilling thought from Peter nasty chills

20 million children can not be the yams mother's name is called and

Crushed like a dumb son of the pro-coagulation that this heart-pounding heart and liver

20 million if the silence of the yams the child does not not speak out

Courageous call out the name of the mother

Taiwan Taiwan ah ah

You are the mother's name

Taiwan, the mother gave birth to 23 million without any complaint of yams child, regardless of the electoral votes hypocrites to get close to close to call his mother received wealth and status, after discarding it like a pair of old shoes, identify thieves as mother, right of his best of rebelling against, she quietly endured. Taiwanese enterprises really played it? Why forget the mother? Taiwanese, and mother's name in Taiwan, stand up and move towards an independent state!