National petition Campaign
Abolition of the "ROC" rectification of names for the state of Taiwan joining the United Nations

National petition campaign

Taiwan to continue to use "Republic of China", etc. So people in Taiwan admit that Taiwan is a part of China to let "The People's Republic of China" rule, because in the international arena, "Republic of China" = "The People's Republic of China" = "China "This is" The People's Republic of China "lawful annexation of Taiwan, and force Taiwan to accept China's rule basis.

In order to prevent Chinese domination, loss of freedom, which the Chinese slavery, regardless of gender and age, petition hurry up, please, President Chen Shui-bian categorically abolish the "Republic of China" name rectification of Taiwan country, apply to join the United Nations, the eternal security of Taiwan!

Welcome to agree with the people of Taiwan

Regardless of age and sex

At home and abroad

All social groups

Joy to the founding of the common co-signed

Please, President Chen Shui-bian abolished 『" Republic of China "rectification of names for the state of Taiwan joining the United Nations』 petition form

Launch unit: Taiwan Presbyterian Church. Taiwan Independence Alliance. Taiwan Association of University Professors. Taiwan's northern, central, southern and eastern community. Taiwan's medical community coalition. World Taiwanese Association. Taiwanese Association in Japan. In the United States and Taiwan Association. In the Japanese Medical Association. Students will be in Japan. National Taiwan University Alumni in Japan. Taiwan's Modern Art Council. Chui-ray Art Association. Pingtung County Art Association. Love Township, Pingtung County Association. Pine and cypress will be. Farmers the right to be. Chen Wencheng Culture Foundation. Taiwan Independence Party. (Continued signatures middle)

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