Petition Campaign
Abolish the "Republic of China", name the state of Taiwan's UN application universal petition campaign

Planning Book

Subject: Through the application of Taiwan joining the United Nations signatures country activities to strengthen interaction with other groups to expand the organization to promote Taiwan to state why? Why is that Taiwan must apply for the state of Taiwan joining the United Nations. If possible, which may eventually gathered at the presidential palace before the masses demanding President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan's application to join the United Nations country name, as 300,000 people gathered in the capital of the Yugoslav presidential ago.

Objective: To set a short-term goal? Copies of petition signatures; medium-term objectives:? Copies of petition signatures; long-term objectives:? Copies of petition signatures, the long period of time?

Organization: with other groups to organize a coalition to deal specifically with signatures matters, assignment of work, regular meetings to discuss petition strategy, "marketing", the movie.


1. Chairman, Deputy Chairman and decision-making members of the Department of the party cadres, party members and even began to visit the person in charge of various communities, inviting them to participate.

2. The establishment of prefectures (counties, cities, city, village) positions.

3. Petition signatures advertising.

4. On a regular basis, non-scheduled activities organized petition rally.

5. Overseas organizations to return to Taiwan with the Chinese people, the media meet rally.

6. To achieve the target number of petitions to the presidential palace.

7. Other (which we brainstorm).

Please petition initiated by groups, where courtesy takes Yun, please fill out the information form to launch groups, fax to 07-7517395 /


any society will welcome all the people together to work hard to do a signature campaign.

* The registration is completed, all units to participate in preparatory meetings organized petition campaigns on behalf of the League.

"rectification of names the state of Taiwan applied to join the United Nations" group co-signed table