Third Party Congress
Taiwan Independence Party Fifth Sixth Party Congress held in Kaohsiung The photo shows the President Wen-Qi opening statement.

Newly established in Kaohsiung county party, chairman of the cold, Mr. Renzong attend.

Mr. Li Junzhang members of aboriginal plains of research in this, the President invited to publish their research results.

Recommended by the World pen the next "
2002 "Nobel Prize nominated poet, Mr. Li Kuixian attended the meeting. Mr. Li Kuixian the same time, this year's literature prize winner Lai.

LI Kui-yin, at the time, he is the founding party members attend. Taiwan literature by the world literary recognition of Taiwan literature can be said is a great achievement.

Message respected former chairman Cheng Pang-chen LI Kui-yin's work has received recognition in the world literature, but the people of Taiwan do not know him and his works, in addition to Taiwan media deliberately ignored and not taken seriously Taiwanese literature is evident.

Taiwan Independence Party chairman of the party headquarters in Taipei, the Taipei City District legislative candidate Chen reached reports the outcome of the work and the party's headquarters in Taipei.

The founding of the party's former chairman Cheng Pang-chen, Mr Wen Qi, Vice-Chairman of the Legislative Yuan candidate William Huang Shinan District, Taipei gathered in one place.

Taiwan Independence Party in Los Angeles Division to return to Taiwan to participate in specially Chen Jian, deputy convener of the Fifth Party Congress.