Taiwan Independence Party 2001 Highlights (January ~ September)

January 1

In the Tate's founding Professor Lin National Taiwan University, Yamada witness, the old and new chairman at the handover ceremony, by the outgoing President of the seals took over Cheng Pang-chen, Cheng Pang-chen will be a symbol of Taiwan Independence "Taiwan independence pole" and carry a total of Wen-Qi, singing independence load the burden of responsibility, then the independence of Taiwan by Wen-Qi Kang Xia burden.

January 9

Bian's "one-roof principle" of the "cross-strait unification theory" symposium held at National Taiwan University Alumni Hall, attended by scholars and experts, including a law professor at National Taiwan University, Lin Yamada, national policy advisor, Professor Zheng Qinren, a history professor at National Taiwan University, Li Yung-chih, Tamkang University professor of public policy line peak, lawyers in Washington, DC Dr. Chen Yucheng, specializes in political and economic European Union politics at the University of British Isaak doctoral research Mr. Cai Jinrong, Department of Economics, as well as SMEs are also the founding of the party's economic policy adviser to Mr. Zhang Zongyi.

January 30

Soong conclusive evidence for the collected evidence of the "Chung Hsing case" decision not to prosecute actions had violated the law and the principles of justice, this morning, Vice-Chairman Yang Dong-jie, HUANG Yu-yan, decision-making members of weeks Chaoyang, chairman of the party headquarters in Taipei Chen reached, executive director of XU Qing-song, Taipei county party chairman Chen designed the World, executive director of Edward Long and others were collected evidence before a press conference to protest the acquittal of the case the contractor Prosecutor James Soong, is suspected and questioned in the People First Party Inspection Department is not open. And subsequently transferred to the Ministry of Justice, requested the Ministry of Justice prosecutors investigating the case, the contractor is not with the People First Party or the Chung Hsing Bills case has a special relationship.

February 14

Vice-Chairman Dong-Jie Yang and Vice-Chairman and spokesman Huang Yu-yan on the "Chung Hsing case," Prosecutor's Office did not prosecute the case, today led the masses to the Prosecutor's Office charged Hongtai Man prosecutors and prosecutor-general Huang Ming, who long suspected of "abuse of power, knowing that guilty person or refuse to subject them to prosecution crime ", together with the informant, Lien Chan, Hu and others suspected of the crime of false accusation.

February 24

Independence party, Kaohsiung and Taipei, both north and south simultaneously held anti-nuclear march, exposing the four-party singing double reed, the political spoils of the mask, with the political sovereignty of the people against the evil forces and refused to serve as political resources to recycle.

February 28

To commemorate the twenty-first century and a 228 on weekdays, two routes to the fleet and staff will gather in Kaohsiung, led by the Chairman, HE Qi, 228 will go to the day of the incident in Kaohsiung 228 suffered one of the sites Shoushan commemoration ceremony on our behalf to the victims The memorial service, as well as pay tribute to the families of the victims that day will also parade in Kaohsiung.

March 6

Ministry of the Interior to prohibit Kobayashi to come to Taiwan, will the Independence Party Vice Chairman William Huang, the rate of staff to party headquarters in Taipei to protest, according to Interior Minister Chien Tai-lang argument, then an open invitation to President Chen Shui-Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, should apply mutatis mutandis, to prohibit their entry into Taiwan.

March 15

Independence Party Vice Chairman William Huang, the rate of party headquarters in Taipei, Taipei, Taoyuan county party members went to the airport to welcome Miss Jin Meiling back to Taiwan, and Ms. King presented a Republic of Taiwan passports, flowers.


By the Independence Party Secretariat and the headquarters of 407 volunteers planned by Miss Jin Meiling's visit to Kaohsiung rally events and lectures, and actively negotiate with other associations, cooperative handling of this event, this time successful experience, so that the original Independence Party has to show momentum.

March 29

From the Independence Party vice chairman of Dong-Jie Yang Department of the rate of Taipei City and Taipei County bureau of the party members involved in Taiwan language bodies, the Ministry of Education launched a protest to the low number of mother-tongue teaching policy, and issued a "dove accounted for magpie's nest of language teaching policy," the statement.

April 2

Independence Party vice chairman of topaz-yan, Deputy Secretary-General, the rate of high Kaneo county party members went to Chinese Taipei, as the protest against the Chinese, as the reported errors, serious injury Independence Party, access to China as a positive response to the Independence Party an apology.

April 7

Alice King's visit to Kaohsiung, by the Secretariat and the headquarters of volunteers carefully planned, Ms. King's visit Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, the whole sensation, Ms. King, and held discussions with the people in the south, the evening lecture in Zhongshan Stadium, attracting many audiences.

April 8

Miss Jin Meiling visit to Taichung has also caused a sensation, this trend continues whirlwind of fever, night by the Independence Party over former President Cheng Pang-chen.

April 20

From the Independence Party vice chairman of Dong-Jie Yang, HUANG Yu-Yan, the Deputy Secretary-General Gao Kaneo and Japan's Interchange Association in Taipei county party to protest against the Japanese as "three conditions" for restrictions on sending to the Lee Teng-hui a visa to a serious insult to the people of Taiwan.


The decision-making members of Chaoyang 21 weeks have been illegally imprisoned by the Vice-Chairman William Huang, and Taipei County bureau staff and party supporters, went to see the first of Tucheng to protest the Week of Solidarity Chaoyang.


Founding members in front of a hunger strike outside the Legislative Yuan, the Week of Solidarity sit Chaoyang, "Zhou Chaoyang innocent! Repeal draconian laws unconstitutional, public meetings and processions!"


President Wen-Qi, accompanied by burning five-star flag was a result of both the prosecutors and police in order to prejudice public safety and law to prosecute violations of public meetings and processions by the Taipei District Court sentenced to 30 days detention for weeks sun, today the rate of party members and supporters to the Taipei District Court, re-burned Chinese flags Please check both the police again, "prejudice to public safety" and "Law on public meetings and processions," arrest more people.

June 16

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall started the morning going to resist the so-called "Beijing Olympic Games Glory of the Chinese," the long-distance running events, to reject China's united front to counter China by Taiwan's bid to host the Olympic Games deliberately local. Taipei county party staff Lv Zhiming beaten by the police, therefore, Taipei county party propaganda vehicles step destruction, and detained by the police.

June 20

Formosa Plastics Group Wang Yung-ching for the person in charge of its investment in China, went so far as Taiwan to surrender, accept the "one China", the face of such "Shi Lang act", the party and supporters today to protest against the Formosa Plastics Corporation and Formosa Plastics also required Qing loans, in order to invest in China, we also requested the Economic Department of the Formosa Plastics Group and its affiliated companies publish the amount of loans and repayment reminders, on-lending to stay in Taiwan enterprises.

July 17

Go to Taiwan High Court Prosecutor's Office before bringing out reams of the New Party went to China and the Taiwan Affairs Office of CPC Central Committee held a "party to party dialogue," the media raided suspected of any breach of the Criminal Code, Independence Party Vice Chairman and spokesman for the William Huang said that the legal action The New Party is not only charged with fornication enemy, but also to determine if the legal judgments, it will be the "two states" to enhance a legal level, for the "three links" will have a huge impact.

August 21

False, held at National Taiwan University Alumni Association Hall "no haste, be patient』 『relaxed policy," a press conference to express Independence Party on the "Economic Development Advisory Council" sacrifice Taiwan's interests to protest China's economic achievements. By William Huang, Vice-President, attended by the Chairman and National Taiwan University Wen-Qi Li Yung-chih history professor.

August 31

Vice-Chairman of the rate by the Wen-Qi Huang Yu-yen, chairman of the party headquarters in Taipei and Kaohsiung County to reach Chen Da-Qing Wu legislative candidates, as well as nearly a hundred members and supporters went to the Foreign Ministry to protest bian government to use "Republic of China" to return to the United Nations harm Taiwan, and Minister for Foreign Affairs sent to the Republic of Taiwan passports to Tian-mao, Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu.


Vice-Chairman William Huang, television host in the global "golden book" live program to explain ideas and concepts from the party five days a week, every day in different series: Monday: Taiwan's fate Tuesday: Taiwan people's sorrow, Wednesday: Governance chaos, economic revitalization and save the industry, Thursday: Anatomy of China and China institutions, Fri: Building countries.