4th Independence Party Sheet
Fourth Independence Party Chairman, the decision-making members of party work plan

The Plan (draft) for:

1. The introduction of this party behind the true meaning of hard work and ideals.

2. Telling the party what kind of team we are.

3. So that party members to master the current practice, requirements and development direction.

4. Read can understand the mentality of planning people, internal and expectations.

5. For all the people of Taiwan a written commitment to legislation.

Planning Person: Mr Wong Chiaki

Headquarters Address: Taipei, Nanjing, East Sec 15 of the ninth floor on the 8th

Tel: (02) 27,634,242 Fax: (02) 27,634,273

AD January 1, 2003

Fourth Independence Party Chairman, Deputy Chairman, decision-making members of party work plan (Draft)

First, the definition terms (Terms and Definitions)

1. Party:

, Regardless of nationality, regardless of the enemy, all those who agree with the party platform, are defined as members. However, without completing the procedures to join the party before the non-voting, other rights of the same.

2. Living Law:

1. Of life. 2. Living law. 3. Heaven endless laws.

Also, any force people to comply, but also the people are not allowed to create referendum of the Constitution or law, void ab initio, is to "die", the living from the non-Zhong Feng, namely, the relative concept of living law.

3. Own means of survival: 1. To survive a life-saving must be passed through channels. 2. Should be held in the direction out of the woods. Also, Taiwan is a perennial democratic country freedom of the seas, if the move toward unification with China, to become China's border territory in the island, the elite went to the mainland Zhuluzhongyuan the remaining more than 20 million people of Taiwan will be the Central Plains border ethnic Bandai could not stand up, "dead-end" one of the Unification of independence "means of subsistence" and relative concept.

4. Sovereignty: regardless of whether the law explicitly stipulates that the state recognition or non-recognition of any organization of all human beings, in order to be indirectly related to the community and / or to achieve their own public services, have their own referendum on all its affairs, as well as the development, maintenance and use of its laws and regulations power. The natural rights is defined as "sovereignty."

5. France Love: the relationship between people is the "law", not "the relationship between human beings, such as the Jackal" (Huo Xishi); or anyone else involved, "the relationship between human beings is a struggle" (Marx) of the law of the jungle . Cover to human beings through the experience to be "law" of common sense; through rational to be "law" of knowledge; through love to be "law" of wisdom, with wisdom, the pursuit of human justice, the pursuit of life's destination. Namely, the philosopher: the senses can not reach, and thought to make up, thought not arrived, and with love to the pursuit of philosophy. Therefore, the wisdom of this plan defines love as the law. What is the wisdom of the French love best.

Also, no laws and institutions, national laws and family rules, should be based on "love" as a starting point, to "love" as the end point, when the starting and ending in-one, the days (PolyU) and the person (intelligence) has also unity of the. This state shall be "law love" realm. This state becomes the "Jurisprudence", "Philosophy of the" highest "wisdom."

2, Application (Scope)

1. Object Space: A Global Party.

2. For time: the current term (2003 ~ 2004) years.

Third,】 【design concept (Concept)

1. To break BES power to suppress, to Taiwan in search of a bright way out.

2. For the Daxing Taiwan's economy, improve the allocation of resources titration degrees.

4. Program vision (Vision)

1. Taiwan is not a yield land his country's frontier, but an independent in the world States.

2. Taiwanese are human beings lasting peace and harmony savior (see the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Constitutional: Annex I).

5, Outline work (Outline)

1. Targeted: to fill their hardships and sufferings to God (bridge the all gap) show the greatest demand cases are as follows:

1.1 Taiwan needs a great system:

In addition to rectifying the name of Taiwan need is even more necessary constitutional, need to ensure that future generations continued prosperity and permanent peace and prosperity system. Taiwan faces unprecedented challenges and difficulties, this end, the party's constitution in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Annex 1) proposed a new constitution modeled on a constitutional assembly, to take up to change the social structure of the Great Commission to lift the corporate exodus, economic failure and political evil, The major reason for denial of justice.

1.2 Taiwan needs great people:

Taiwan do not need a great leader, without the national savior, the need great people, when the people of Taiwan are determined not to permanent home countries border territory's colonial islands (such as Hong Kong, Hainan), Zhongyuan not do the frontier people, determined to implement the Things for the People, practical world the same time, the future of humanity on the ground heaven, paradise, the World Capital, none other than Africa and Taiwan. Let the people of the great, non-none other than the party. As for the pilot turned to a giant urgent, or self-training, the Party's "liberal nation-building college" Start Free Admission (Annex II).

1.3 Taiwan's need for a comprehensive international:

Pattern will determine the outcome. Leading international, the internationalization of the constitution, is Taiwan's only "living law"; of political globalization, is Taiwan's only "stay alive." To lead the community beyond the forward-looking, the party is duty-bound (Annex III); lead the Independence Party is reborn incumbent upon the President. More than the latter.

1.4 Taiwan needs Consciousness Revolution:

Whether the party should take the lead awareness revolution? Agree that Fandengbier University Orr (J. Auer) the relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom as an example that the United States independence from Britain in 1776 had been, since the next millennium is not necessary to say this once again Ernian ○ ○ independently. Taiwan is no exception, as a sovereign independent country is a fact, if it is forcing the United States, Japan and other countries sent for Communist China to recognize Taiwan as an independent fact, it is just to the People's Liberation Army invasion of Taiwan manufacturers the reason? Yin, Taiwan's inability to diffuse Yi Gu hopeless, thick fog to the intractable, in recent years is even more dark clouds and Taiwan does not spring, is already a consensus Taiwan, ambitious people with good reason, urgent sense of the revolution, awakening the soul in Taiwan (for details of this Plan No. 2).

1.5 party need to transform the party's qualitative reorganization of the party's soul party Germany need to sublimate Reconstruction:

Physical aspects of party, regardless of party platform, constitution, policies and systems, political parties and the culture and thinking propaganda, leadership Yu, personnel, finance, information ... are all required to fully transform (the latter). Party Soul Party Germany (Annex IV), the Presbyterian Church adopted the views of Comrade Wang Qingren to recruit 100 people forward and consistent members of the party's soul and seed (seed comrades), to lead our party to bypass a military period, the period of political tutelage, buttressed by the constitutional period, raising it to the global village of the "eternal peace time." These warriors is not only unite the soul of Taiwan consciousness, but also to create a hero of Taiwan Qianqiutaiye (the latter).

2. The proposed platform: I ask party platform? 10 only two correct answers a question, the rest of Kaohsiung. Ai Zai!


The People's Republic of China Constitution, corresponding to the four insisted:

1. Uphold the leadership of the CPC.

2. Uphold the dictatorship of the proletariat.

3. Adhere to the socialist road.

4. Adhere to Marxism-Leninism-Mao-Deng thought. The party has put forward the following four insisted that adhere to the constitutional guarantee:

1. Taiwan's sovereignty and unconditional belongs to the people of Taiwan.

2. The Government Wen Sheng Jiu Ku Tian, justice, whatever they ask for.

3. The President limited to nationality; Congress global participation.

4. Taiwan not do yield frontier territories, to do the world's capitals. Were as follows:

2.1 Taiwan's sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the people of Taiwan. ─ (sovereignty)

Taiwan's national sovereignty, unconditional belongs to Taiwan people (popular sovereignty), any state, political power, organization or individual, no right to interfere, trading, occupied or abandoned. In order to ensure democracy, freedom, rule of law, human rights and constitutional rights, and the election, recall, create, and self-determination referendum, the referendum into the Constitution unconditionally, without compromise. Vow to oppose one country, led by Communist China taking what way? Like what is going on?

non-national sovereignty, the people of all movable and immovable property will be nothing to Fuli. Communist China's foreign exchange reserves will be replaced at any time. So far the Republic of China in Taiwan's foreign exchange reserves are still unwilling to honor deposits in the international banking system, the sovereignty of non-evident without any power at all? NT is the Republic of China a debt owed to the people of Taiwan? Taiwanese have the tragedy?

Where the people are not allowed a referendum, and both are with the legacy of feudal autocracy, cover does not agree to vote against the ah! Chen Shui-bian advocated referendums scope should be limits, what limits the power of France of the original come from? Chairman Soong claims sovereignty over Taiwan Strait and sharing of sovereignty without the consent of the sovereign right to take trade, which is a totalitarian dictatorship, the restoration? Lien advocates a China with different interpretations of its waiver of sovereign state of mind and Song He Yi? The three party leaders are lacking democratic maturity to tomorrow.

2.2 The Government Wen Sheng Jiu Ku Tian, justice, whatever they ask for. ─ (people)

Government is the largest charitable organizations, public power is the greatest god, the people want to see fairness and justice, the state violence on the report. People just want to see, we missed with the truth and live together, in practice the meaning of life, that the founding of what is the significance? Just replace the consortium of violence only.

This item insisted that Eph wide range of applications to industry. From the president: the new party constitution advocates, such as president, county and city five-year term shall not be re-elected, as South Korean president-ran, the former will be able to let go of reform in order to avoid being reproached. Other hand, Chen Shui-bian first mayor of fundamental change to the results of re-election defeat, the first president not reckless, the results of delayed opportunity for reform. Central and China on behalf of the officers: separation, such as demands for political corruption-free government and business: politics does not involve operators who do not interference in domestic affairs ..., only a reasonable allocation of resources in order to relief collusion, concentration of wealth; only get relief for applying pressure to government, using money power ... and so on, expanding social injustice. Bit by bit down to the personal life: such as unemployment benefits, domestic violence, spiritual emptiness, distress relief ....

2.3 The President of the Open-nationality; Congress global participation. ─ (Government)

At first hearing they do not accept to give up at home as long as the feudal world, not subject to the constraints of tradition and think of the true meaning of sovereignty to the people? Think about one hundred, five hundred years after the global village? Have figured out children and grandchildren will always cherish the memory of you and Nobel Prize was awarded to all the people of Taiwan will definitely be in Taiwan's history must have your status. Because the world belongs to everybody, the ideal of universal brotherhood, the Chinese people want for thousands of years, but can not do, but did the people of Taiwan, Taiwan will become a permanent peace in the Duchy of mankind as one family's savior. The international community will again have such a government: "Indonesia will never be welcome Taiwan's president to visit?"

If they choose the Chinese Communist leader Deng Xiaoping and so were allowed to run for president, and then to violence and barbaric attack on Taiwan, mainland China is bound to inspire the people of the violence, rehabilitation has sparked international eliminate a total of, together with the historical crisis of the disarmament in Northeast Asia. If the former U.S. President George W. Bush elected president in Taiwan, the current U.S. president is also the son of the President of Taiwan, then Taiwan's values in line with U.S. values, the United States, Japan and the Congress pass the country to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state just around the corner, Taiwan joining the United Nations, as well as defense, foreign affairs a and resolve. Also, when a political leader in the international, the global talent pool of funds is bound to Daxing Taiwan's economy, the Taiwan crisis of all-round sort of relief.
I often reply to the plight of foreign-related to Taiwan's current and future crisis: "No community invincible, simple as that" (No Frontier No Enemy, as simple as that.) Means that the political Without Borders is the military invincibility of the country's political philosophy. Taiwan must prove to the world, adhere to the nationality of the president not limited to, the Congress global participation, we can achieve the Things for the People, universal brotherhood, the party is to open a major force in politics without Borders.

2.4 not do the communist frontier colony, to do the world's capital of Genesis. ─ (territory)

Taiwan identity, political, economic, military and diplomatic crisis in the mixture, day upon day, once the integration of China (Chen Shui-bian language), immediately falling into an abyss, falling as a frontier island, with no chance of Bandai, this is how serious event, the founding of the party's no turning back, decided to fight in the end:

Determined ~ li merit for ancestors, for ages to open peace, doing justice pioneer;

~ To the world a duchy, a pro-human, legislative political model;

~ Permanent peace for mankind, for the Earth sustainable development, to make its international obligations. I do not repeat them here.

3. Policy formulation:

3.1 Globalization Policy:

Added 1.3, leading the major breakthrough in Taiwan's major innovation is the only way ~ "comprehensive globalization," "one-way from the Chinese." Regardless of the government political parties, education and culture, domestic and foreign affairs, production and marketing ... and all competition, and out the final version of the party's policy, under the banner of globalization, be missed, who is first who should win.

3.2 Economic and Industrial Policy:

Pool party national consensus, suggesting that the Government is the biggest industry, building industry, government, Things for the People of Taiwan marketing system, the kinetic energy from sitting on the economy in the golden Daxing EMI.

3.3 Party Recruitment Policy:

Abandon the feudal mindset, change its course, reveal that the world ~ regardless of the nationality of the party, everyone Both may, for the founding members, are to be elected, but did not apply to join the party had no right to vote, exhibition internationalization and globalization, ideas, party will suddenly radically changing momentum. To ensure privacy, may also use the code for members (for details 9.6).

3.4 Independent Commission Against Corruption Policy:

The establishment of clean and efficient government, elimination of money politics is the party's policy, for which any one party the right to check the party affiliation of any public office, the party recruits financial source, who refused to be expelled from the checked, thinking that the national and global political parties Independent set an example. (Approach will be determined by the decision-making).

3.5 Everyone has the stage legacy has not gone to policy:

Provide manpower for the infighting there is no need to play long before the stage, it easy to attract rookie to join, both make up for a lack of talent but also to help young people to create time, Taiwan will be more hope that the Independence Party from the establishment of cultural value system (Annex V), I the latter.

4. Design of the system:

4.1 National System:

The Universal Declaration of human rights as a constitutional concept, proposed constitutional blueprint for the founding of the party will be the party philosophy, political Policy, state system, country names, the country ... included in the new constitution, after full discussion of all party members after the public.

4.2-party system:

Experiment government - a new constitution by the party state system, "a priori-oriented" (transcendentalization) That is, the founding of the party's organizational design will first imitate the current state of the system (corresponding to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Yuan, Executive Yuan 12 will be 12), reform and innovation to the future of the actual operation of the new system, as the country's "system of government cradle", the ultimate status as an international The "political model" (Annex IV). Fully revise the party program constitution, so that law can advance with the times will be organized by the Department toward the party's "shadow cabinet" (Shadow Cabinet) restructuring, and actively cultivate the ruling team, continue to prepare for the ruling party.

4.3 Organization of North Korea Flat (flatting organization) and even more emphasis on the development of the "window dressing" of With the issue of the needs of each project, a mix of different talents to become an ad hoc group (project team) or the core group (cell-operating team) and the Action Team (cellar team), this organizational change is a global trend. Do away with the administrative department for the party's rigid organization, to retain the design of the founders of the party branch and the S & P to set up regional office directly from the center flat to various ad hoc groups or regions subject office.

4.4 Import the international standard system:

In accordance with international standard system (ISO9001), and certification.

4.5 implement the party system:

With the situational factors, set out a reasonable number of party delegates, the real party elected to expand the public support and participation of the abandoned platform-based decision-making committees of the party's 16th highest authority of the oligarchy, it should revert to the universal call the shots of democracy, do not deceive ourselves, such as 2002/7/6 Providence University is only 40 members of the party members to attend the General Assembly, where the "Party" of the General Assembly?

5. Shaping culture:

5.1 get rid of the myth of power, focus on achievement of the goals:

Powers and responsibilities consistent with the political party culture and the target management in urgent need of the establishment of subjects, from the Chairman, Central and party workers, down to the party members, have the right to non-real, or a real right to such a right does not deserve its working relationship should be thoroughly discarded. Tasks to focus on the division of labor, resources should be concentrated figures.

5.2 system, 立 "Rongdian ethics" culture:

Honor the vitality of political parties, ethnic cohesion of political parties, which political parties honor, discipline, and ethical and cultural shaping delay. Disciplinary Committee proposed to name the restructuring as "Rongdian disciplinary committee" in order to deed real need and reinforced as will (way determined by the decision-making committees).

5.3 Construction of "immortal merit" culture:

Will be the party workers, party members or support persons of merit (including Lide meritorious Liyan, sponsorship money, the volunteers of the labor ...), Yu-chao, a message should be set out in history, and the full e-(Web-based, CD-ROM based), allowed to merit immortal, eternal spirit of co-existence (Annex VI).

5.4 mold "to reflect inclusive" culture:

Does not reflect power, that is, non-competitive. Create unity, harmony, goodwill, respect, inclusion of the organizational culture is of great urgency. Conservation, "Yang-Shan Yu Gong Tang, owned by over private room" to train "shed its particulars, out of phase" (Annex VII), repair of this kind of personal conservation dimension, must themselves understand, the President is unlikely to be as gods. If it has to reform others, there are thousands of reasons; but not as long as there is a reason to reform their own, soon into the ashes of history.

5.5 to eliminate "internal strife experts" culture:

Every Independence Party members are valuable assets, to treat comrades should study "Foyin heart, the Buddha, look at all the Buddha," Do not study "the executioner, see people watching throat." Also be tracked from home and abroad latent hostility or behind the operator, there are Institute of revolutionary practice, the training of its members: "traitor an attack on the break, civil unrest proved unfounded," the dogma, Gang Zhi, has many unbeaten also be difficult.

5.6 promote the "trash does not fall so green" culture:

Party keeps saying that love this piece of land in Taiwan, but the cigarette butts trampled on the land refuse to abandon it anywhere in the world, how to justify? How to attract a team rookie to enter such a standard? In particular, party cadres, but also disclosure Exalted to do?

6. Promotional activities:

6.1 per month must have been a procession activities:

The number should not be less than 200 people, it needs to be articulation and enough with the introduction of constitutional recognition. Participants of the uniforms, hats, traveling expenses, meal expenses paid in full by the headquarters.

6.2 must have been a weekly newspaper advocacy:

Encourage party members, journalists reported that the subject with the constitutional content-related persons, royalties NT0.5 yuan per word, on the front page of those fees charged by doubling time and paid by the headquarters.

6.3 every day and have an ongoing network war of words:

The recruitment of full-time party workers (the Institute of the Department related to the above). Part-time volunteer workers, the text preceding paragraph 6.2 cf royalties award. The main battlefield should be placed on the Chinese mainland. Taiwan Independence Party website has been registered directly in the United States for five years (until January 2008 only) Web site: taip.org

6.4 must have been broadcasting a daily war of words:

To encourage members to use for northern East, the implementation of the democratic radio stations, subject matter of constitutional stakeholders, the hourly award travel allowance to help NT100 million paid on time by the headquarters.

6.5 activities, domestic and foreign real-time broadcast, cable card advertisement:

Pan from the IT professional party functionaries responsible for the implementation.

6.6 Establishment of the relationship between domestic and foreign media, think-tank group's ties ..., etc.:

All promotional activities, first of all to convince the entire party; Second, we must awaken the people of Taiwan; and then secondly to convince the Chinese people on both sides; and finally have to convince the people around the world. Taiwan's way out of this nightmare.

7. Yu-team leaders:

7.1 The party chairman, and party must be a full-time:

The eminent persons should not be turned to full-time as the honorary chairman, or spiritual leader. Cover all the party members voted generated by full-time chairman, in any case, after work can be compared with those in charge of party affairs, much better, vulgar clouds "Maxima tied to general column, not as good as the walk rather than nag," or full-time can be said that the Secretary-General, which is more is self-expanding bureaucratic mentality at work, regardless of the governing school grounds, in human history, part-time leadership of any organization never outstanding success stories. As for the supporting part-time person the more the better.

7.2 The Council should adopt a cabinet system of decision-making meeting rules:

That should be a cabinet meeting to express their views, which adopted without a vote, there are still different views only 2 Road: 1, and obedience. Second, to resign. Is not only remain in office after the meeting also objected to the pain of dismissal, to avoid repeated friction or interference. KMT peak on the assumption that ~ constantly strengthening the central leadership; recession precursor is ~ constant public criticism of leaders. Organization of the rise and fall invariably the case.

7.3 improve the fight against the powers of evil:

Presidency is the worst of the most turbulent years of design, who want to become the next President of those who struggled early start, and party stand ready to replace the work that those responsible no one is willing to put into force operations, supporters do not want to pay a sponsorship, personnel fragmentation, human anti-elimination to improve the way cases show the following:

7.3.1 Mining committee system ~ member rotated by the central decision-making.

7.3.2 to adopt a presidential system ~ term of four years may be reappointed; or South Korea, the Philippines, type ~ a term of five years non-renewable.

7.3.3 adopt dual-leadership system ~ President of the predecessor for seven years, re-elected as French President Prime Minister of pairs of heads of state.

7.3.4 Mining cabinet system ~ the Prime Minister with the election of members, the majority party is in power at any time bringing down the cabinet re-election to replace. ...

7.4 "decision-making, vision, sacrifice of time, administrative experience, as the financial fund-raising schedule," the ability of other leaders, conditions, rights and responsibilities should be clearly set including the Chairman, Vice-President, Secretary-General, the decision-making members of the conditions should be set separately, do not see people the doubt, always suspected of control over their life.

7.5 to establish a sense of party members to identify the letter:
The core of leadership should demonstrate new ideas, so feel powerless against the deterioration in the political party members or the community at large, or at least see the limitless potential of a weak, but the dawn!

7.6 corrective actions:

Make good use of scientific management ~ such as the quality of the circulatory system (PDCA) Planning → implementation → evaluation
→ Correction → planning, to enhance the quality of any party; Another example is an important performance indicators (key Perfor-mance Index) Internet access for public evaluation and control of all performance of the party to facilitate the fight for the recognition and sponsorship.

8. Financial Management:

8.1 Financial Scheduling: Madam President, is responsible for.

8.2 Use of financial principles:

1. Expenses to be automatically approved by the petitioner donors.
2. Accountable to sources of finance is responsible for the performance.
3. To ensure that nothing used in the program activities, or sponsor the specified purposes.

8.3 the principle of openness books:

Assets, liabilities, income and expenditure details every day after work before they can access public, donors, party members by virtue authorization code can always check the Internet (Annex VIII).
8.4 Cashier Independent: Based on the principles of accounting principles, are not allowed to touch the money, hitting the books, treasury accounting separately.

8.5 the creation of party-run operations:

To seek long-term operational terms, not specifically rely on fund-raising sponsorship in the absence of government subsidies prior to any legitimate business should not be ruled out, the leadership should strive to create a stable income, invite comrades to help.

8.6 leaders of the financial responsibility: decision-making members of at least sharing NT5.000 yuan per month, the President 100.000 yuan.

9. Personnel Administration:

9.1 The principles of personnel appointments:

Bearing 7.4 and 7.5, first announced obtain other candidates demand conditions - will be philosophy, politics, goals, financial resources, cost-effectiveness, behavior guidelines, commitment to the test standard, life source of income, the organization's request for the treatment, breach of contract breach of trust is willing to punish compensation, self-defense conditions, joint and several guarantor and its willingness to bear the responsibility ... and so on, regardless of the party's post office, not the exception, the President no exception (Annex IX).

9.2 release incentive principles: weed is not removed, will hurt Hedao. Should not be irresolute, half-hearted, but should be disciplined.

9.3 The new flag design: dealing with increasingly narrow path of party members complained that flag, the color is not bright dim problem.

9.4 compose the party song compilation: the performance of the party's soul should have its own party songs, proposed to march is appropriate.

9.5 Uniform Design: autumn and winter coats, spring and summer long-sleeved shirt, raise the overall image, to those who can always purchase better.

9.6 Business Card Design: Party on the back of business cards to be printed in the United Kingdom, China and Japan ... the party program (annex 10), headquarters of discretionary grants.

9.7 human resources, logistics, emergency response notification systems such as the establishment: (a separate supplement to mention).

10. 『Party members, party:

10.1 Party Privacy: the party's headquarters with full respect for confidentiality of party members the right to decide the party's right to privacy.

10.2 Registration of new members: joint efforts to recover lost, disappointed party members and brought back were held in abeyance.

10.3 Party talent Census:

Be members of the expertise, professionalism, talent, interest in archiving, and strive to human resources will not be buried waste.

10.4 historical merits investigation:

Regardless of past, present, or future, whether party members, who are in Taiwan or the party's contributors, should investigate archiving in order to produce web pages, burn CDs, leaving a historical witness.

10.5 Party manual,: establishment of all the standard programs (SOP) to the party members, as a power of attorney, certified.

10.6 party-cum-Internet e-mail education and training:

Sitting at home, information world to the real world, if the product can not keep up, how to create super-real world of the future? ◎ Headquarters, free teaching, and the ticket reimbursement (limited to the public road system), and the comrades like him to use.

10.7 implementation of the code members:

ABC letters in English with Arabic numerals 123, provision for 10 yards ... mixed, to represent the identity of party members to ensure the privacy of members, as well as merit will not be undone (Annex XI).

11. Full range of IT Delivery:

11.1 The historical achievements of party members to meet online:

Person's value is the result of choice of action, history will not, nor should they forget you, on behalf of each party's obligation to save the millennium party.

11.2 Network immediately contacted the communication and interaction:

Party members and the headquarters of the vertical communication, or a single party with all the members of the lateral interaction, the Internet just a few seconds, the fast and to save manpower and material resources for the party's future, the Department liaise, communicate with the main form of interaction, in particular, the knowledge network , think tanks, current events, the vast infinity, is to enhance the quality of the necessary condition for the party. The Department will try our best to the party's members to provide information technology services.

11.3 completely replace the mail file:

Enclosed document is the next post office all regions at home and abroad, consultants, decision-making member of the Party.

11.4 Promotion Office unmanned, paperless:

Quick era of great changes, no one can stay out of the operation can be backward, the concept can not do without.

11.5 Video Conference: domestic and foreign remote leader encouraged to use video-conferencing.

11.6 a monthly live broadcast of the procession constitution:

Is currently limited by bandwidth, per-minute live broadcast of 3 ~ 6 Photos, activities, the end of three minutes, regardless of where they may live a normal Internet access watch full video. ◎ as Chairman of the intellectual property rights of all individuals, there are special-purpose, please contact the President.

11.7 participate in daily network Constitutional Thought War:

Net warfare is one of the main core of the battlefield, when the proposed new constitution modeled after the announcement, net enthusiastic war period, Independence Party website: taip.org urge all Internet war, do not let the headquarters to struggle alone, sitting so that more pro-unification with the mainland User encirclement, Zhongkoushuojin to wipe into the evil truth.

6, Program schedule (Schedule) (see annex XII)
7, implementation of the plan】 【(Implemented) (see annex XIII)
8, Conclusion (Conclusion)

1. Shanzhan who is well known that one of the keys to victory lies in the battlefield: specializing in constitutional rather than the founding of the first state constitution again. The second key to victory lies in the strategic pattern: from the moment to the next one hundred, five hundred years, from Taiwan to the global one layout, the outcome can be expected. The third key to victory lies in the battlefield management: party constitution should be subject to a comprehensive reborn. Finally the key to victory lies in the tactical innovation: The essence, Cunhu heart.

2. Ruoyu the founding purposes and not as a means, then all to be undertaken to be leather range, the current difficulties and challenges of the future are difficult to foresee, but the chances are always reserved for those who are prepared.

3. Hurriedly drafted, the error must be more, please Haihan. The lack of attachment until the next will be padded. King hope that together we joined forces to Qianqiutaiye, never forget the time thanks to compass so that the next will propose revisions.

Drafters of the work plan: 1000-ming Mr Wong was like


Constituent Declaration of Human Rights
According to the Constitution, God willing, fortunes was the secret, right and proper. This is - "heaven"

The constitution as the salvation of Personnel and Heaven unity, safeguard human rights and the right to join hands for days upon days;

Bandai to dominate people's fate, destined to rise and fall of the national rioters codes. This is - "legal principle"

Originated in China - is the people's living natural law,

Edge will be held on the country - is a day kept the gospel of the country;

All roads lead to sound v. - the legitimacy of human feeling,

Everything referential - the justice of heaven exposing 諦. This is - "source of law"

Restraint of state power, infinite power; the protection of people's rights, law Love Unlimited;

Ensure that national governments, Wen Sheng Jiu Ku Tian; protect the fairness and justice, whatever they ask for.
Fortune for the future generations brought home a record Dilirenhuo.
Lasting peace for mankind, building on the ground heaven.
For the Peoples from cardiac Nian, Li causal classic.

Heaven and Earth for the conditioning method, will be the source of human law. This is - "magic"

Therefore, regardless of whether the law explicitly stipulates that the state recognition or non-recognition, where a set heaven for justice, freedom from fear life

Fear this world Everyone has initiated the right to participate in the Constituent. This is - "human rights"

(Declaration of persons): Taiwan in the history of mankind before the public announcement of mankind to heaven and earth:
BES power to break through suppression of Taiwan in search of a bright way out,
Daxing Taiwan's economy, improving resource allocation,

Combined to create a more humane living environment and provide a better political system of international model

The rule of law for the sake of mankind, peace and development; a rich life, the dignity, values and meaning,

Determined to exceed the power given the limited development of Taiwan's constitution, uphold the constitutional guarantee:

The Constitution - with me, let me live free from fear.

- With countries and in, for days, establish a state of justice.

- With the family as in, constitutional power house Ji Yong Fu Jia-An.

- With the ancestors as in the French love a long Yuko show Sunxian.

(Sovereignty): to ensure that - Taiwan's sovereignty and unconditional belongs to the Taiwan people,

Taiwan's sovereignty, the sovereignty of direct bonding in the world.

(Government): - President limited to nationality, the implementation of Things for the People,

Congress global participation, and practice of universal brotherhood.

(People): - Government Wen Sheng Jiu Ku Tian, justice, responsive,

Abroad the world welcomed the security and stability from generation to generation.

(Territorial): - tariff areas for industry, the peaceful settlement of the dispute,

Not his country's frontier island, is an independent world of States.

Legislative declaration by: Independence Party chairman, Mr Wong Ming 1000 2003 / 1 / 1

One of Annex 1

Constituent Declaration of Human Rights

According to the Constitution, God willing, fortunes was the secret, right and proper. This is - "heaven"

The constitution as the salvation of Personnel and Heaven unity, safeguard human rights and the right to join hands for days upon days;

Bandai to dominate people's fate, destined to rise and fall of the national rioters codes. This is - "legal principle"

Originated in China, is the people's living natural law, fate is scheduled to country, which is the gospel of days, kept the country; All roads lead to sound v, human

The legitimacy of feeling, every referential, the justice of heaven exposing 諦. This is - "source of law"

Restraint of state power, infinite power; the protection of people's rights, France infinite love; ensure national governments, Wensheng rescue
Bitter; guarantee fairness and justice, whatever they ask for. Fortune for the future generations, creating Dilirenhe; for permanent peace, built on the ground days

Country; to read from cardiac, legislative causal classics; the conditioning method, will be the source of human law. This is - "magic"
Therefore, regardless of whether the law explicitly stipulates that the state recognition or non-recognition, where a set heaven for justice, freedom from health

Keep fear, this world Everyone has initiated the right to participate in the Constituent. This is - "human rights"

Before in human history, the people of Taiwan to the heaven and earth of mankind declared: BES to break the power to suppress, to Taiwan in search of light

Out a way out, Tai Hing Taiwan's economy, improve the allocation of resources together to create a more humane living environment for international better

Political model for the sake of humanity's common rule of law, peace and development; a rich life, the dignity, values and meaning.

Determined Beyond the power given the limited development of Taiwan's constitution, uphold the constitutional guarantee: the Constitution with me, let me be free from health

Cun fear. - With countries and in, for days, establish a state of justice. - With the family as in, constitutional power house Ji Yong Fu Jia-An. - And the ancestral

Also at the French love a long Yuko show Sunxian.

Insisted: Taiwan's sovereignty and unconditional belongs to the people of Taiwan

Universal Declaration of human-chao Li

(Sovereignty) Taiwan's sovereignty, the sovereignty of direct bonding of the world

(Government) President limited to nationality, the implementation of Things for the People

Congress global participation, and practice of universal brotherhood

(People) The Government Wen Sheng Jiu Ku Tian, justice, responsive

Abroad the world welcomed the security and stability from generation to generation

(Territorial) customs territory is bounded by the peaceful settlement of the dispute

Not do the communist frontier colony,

States need to do in the world to Genesis.

Legislative declaration were: ○ ○ ○
2003 / 1 / 1

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Annex II

College of the founding of generalists in 2003 working for free classes】 Admissions Guide

1, Origin: In view of international politicians, big thinkers, entrepreneurs, large strategist, big bankers, big religionist, Dafa home, great writer ... and other social sectors giants, their all-round knowledge of no less than professional knowledge, and the giant those countries, the stronger the more people become richer.

2, Objective: To spawned giant model of all walks of life serve as a catalyst and forming various kinds of academic intellectual vein, through the Institute of platforms: one will be liberal elements of input of all participants to fill the giant head ~ the knowledge necessary; hand to help students construct a model of thinking plant ~ yield all the necessary The wisdom; put everything behind to become the head junior high become giant, Taiwan changed on the ground heaven.

3, Object: Any interested in the play in the world, devising the future generations, or for the big breakthrough innovation in large, or for the solution of public open fortunes of the Ecuadorian politicians, entrepreneurs, elected representatives, scholars, Hosei socio-economic cultural and educational reformer ... or have a great suffered no great intellectual ambition.

4, is not suitable: In order to diplomas, employment, the no-persistence, ambition, fear learning without use, or learning without thinking, as well as being afraid to practitioners. Chi is not a result of this institute to help people catch up, while in the culture beyond the forward-looking, building a great dream, and make it happen.

5, Policy: teaching and research in parallel; the theory of knowledge (learning), practical knowledge of the (deep to seek) to identify the knowledge (decision making) three equal emphasis on knowledge. Course emphasis on the concept of face, such as jurisprudence, economic theory, art of war strategies ...; and lack tools for surface courses, such as procedural law, econometrics, weapons and tactics ... ... The reason is: The School of the decision-making giant, instead of aiming at cultivating professional masters on the ground is: the outcome of the pattern of the decision, plans to dominate ~ If there are no great changes in the strategic plan, no matter how Nandi is also changing tactics.

6, Quality: The Institute of R & D for the generalist curriculum design capability, with unique advantages, learning domains rated as the world yet; teachers are careful selection, the teaching of each lesson is a challenge, student-teacher ratio is the highest in the world;