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Ad here to the constitutional guarantee:

1. Taiwan's sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the people of Taiwan, a referendum into the Constitution unconditionally.

2. The Government Wen Sheng Jiu Ku Tian, justice, whatever they ask for.

3. Not limited to the nationality of the president, Congress global participation.

4. Not do the communist frontier colony, to do the world's capital of Genesis.
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Activities quick report:


Independence Party legislator candidates, Jian-Ming Chen, Xu theinkun, high Kaneo and Li Yao Lin marched to Ketagalan Boulevard yesterday afternoon, a petition to the President Chen Shui-bian, elected president of the demands of justice, the establishment of the jury system.


- Judicial Reform

- Passports directly to the REPUBLIC OF CHINA and instead TAIWAN

- Taiwan's name petition campaign

- Protest against the violation of Japan's intervention in the internal affairs of Taiwan, Taiwan's sovereignty

- Taipei City Government should immediately stop the act of damaging the environment

- Official word has two mouths Jing Guanju how to say can be?

- Bian government to violate human rights approach to proclaiming "founded on human rights"?